A Database on Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns

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Addis Ababa University


A significant amount of research has been conducted worldwide on the behavior of concrete filled steel tube columns. this thesis synthesize available experimental data on concrete-filled steel tube (CFT) specimens and summarizes the data from 1100 tests on concrete-filled steel tube columns (294 CCFT and 289 RCFT columns without moment, 286 CCFT and 231 RCFT columns with moment) and compares their failure load with the prediction of Eurocode 4 and AISC-2010. Information on material and geometric properties on each specimen are summarized. The comparison between Eurocode 4 and AISC- 2010 show that Eurocode 4 can predict very well for columns subjected to axial load with no moment and for circular CFT beam-columns while the AISC-2010 gives good prediction for rectangular beam columns (columns with moment). Additionally, comparison made based on material strength, both Eurocode 4 and AISC-2010 predict on a safe side for steel tubes filled with high strength concrete.



Structural Engineering