The Status of Preparation, Availability and Utilization of Teaching Materials in Upper Primary Schools Biology Teaching: The Case of North Gondar Zone, Amhara Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the status of preparation; availability and utilization of instructional materials in upper primary schools of North Gonder Zone. In order to carry out this s tudy the study employed descriptive survey design. The study was conducted in randomly selected nine upper primary schools from three woredas in North Gonder Zone of Amhara Regional State. For this study woredas were identified using purposive sampling techniques. The source of data for this study were grade seven and eight biology syllabus, biology teachers, students, school directors, school p edagogical coordinators and school pedagogical centers. All biology teachers, SPC coordinators and directors from selected schools participated as source of data by available sampling technique. To select respondent students stratified sampling procedure and systematic random sampling technique was used. Accordingly 97 grade seven and 83 grade eight students were selected. To gather data from the respondents, questionnaire for teachers and s tudents were used. To validate the data interview questions to directors and to SPC coordinators and also SPC observation were used. The data collected were analyzed using frequency counts and percentages and the qualitative data obtained were used to triangulate with quantitative data. Finding of the s tudy indicates that the sample schools had a school p edagogical center. Majority of biology teachers did not f requently prepare and utilize instructional materials in their lessons. Moreover, there was very low support by school directors to the school p edagogical center. Due to insufficient budget, lack of skilled coordinators and lack of guide materials school pedagogical centers contributed less in supporting biology teaching. This study recommends that the concerned bodies s hould give emphasis to make learning more concrete, meaningful, dynamic, creative and problem solving by integrating adequate IMs in the teaching learning process.



Status of Preparation, Availability