Involving Teacher Trainees in Planning and Implementing a Lesson to Promote Active Learning ( the case of Aysaita Teachers College)

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Addis Ababa University


A large number of thesis and dissertatiolls are published each year in Ethiopia. But there is still a shortage of studies that show the issue of lesson plan assumption that asserts studellts' active illvolvemellt ill plOllllillg a lessoll. Sillce the begillllillg of modern ellucatioll, lesson plan preparatioll has beell so 10llely left for teachers. However, the lIature of educatioll shows that teachillg allli leamillg are complimelltary activities just as ill the case of Positive alld Negative polarities of Electricity or North alUl South poles of Maglletism The school system, despite this fact, remaills authoritative agaillst studellts' active illvolvement ill plallllillg their lessoll particularly those recruits at colleges alld ulliversities who are the-would be teachers. In plaill lallguage, the study is illterested ill illvestigatillg how students allli teachers could be actively illvolved ill plallllillg a lessoll. The participallts of the study are teacher educators allli teacher trainees at Aysaita College. Participants were taught llOw to plall their lessoll before commencemellt of regular classes by devotillg all extra time. Primarily, the study adopted qualitative design allli supplemelltell by qualltitative data as well. Data collection illstrumellts comprised: illterview with individual teachers; admillisterillg questiollnaire to studellts as well as teacher educators; observatiolls alld library attendallces. Qualltitative data were gathered from 37teacher trainees alld 20 teacher educators allli allalyzed usillg paired sampled t test and simple percelltage respectively. The major findillgs of the study revealed that studellfs illvolved ill plallllillg a lesson were familiar with the topic, objectives, types of methods, aids, assessments employed alld references from where studems can make readillgs and notes. III tum, this led students to present, discuss, and argue their lIotes actively, cOllsolidate their Il/Illerstanding alld cOllstruct their kllowledge durillg the implemelltatioll process. This study is cOllceived ill the hope of promotillg 011 active teachillg alld leamillg ill Aysaita Teachers College. The topic is almost virgill, alld the lIeed for further researches alollg this topic is acute.



Planning and Implementing a Lesson