Determinants Of Employee Job satisfaction In Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Human resource is the back bone for the provision of quality service for people. A High level of professional satisfaction among bank employee earns high dividends such as higher worker force retention and customer satisfaction. The objective of this study is to determine the level of employee job satisfaction and its determinant factors in commercial bank of Ethiopia in case of Addis Ababa area. Explanatory study designs were used. The main instrument for primary data collection was a structured questionnaire adopted from Minnesota Satisfaction Questioner (MSQ) with five point Likert scale. The source of the study data were number of employees working in four districts of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia under Addis Ababa area and a randomly selected professional employee from the selected 20 branches of four districts of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Descriptive statistics, percentages frequencies, mean and standard deviation were computed. Linear regression was computed to analyze determinant factors of job satisfaction. Linear Regression analysis of data across demographic variables yielded that job-satisfaction show statistically significant variation across marital status and educational level (Bachelor degree holders have more satisfaction than others) with P-value < 0.05.Positive relationships were found out between overall levels of job satisfaction and nature of job, career advancement, pay and benefit and interpersonal relationships with P-value<0.05.The study concluded that almost half of the employees get satisfaction in their job with an overall level of job-satisfaction of 57.6%,



Job satisfaction, Bank employees