Design and Optimization of Solar Powered Micro-Refrigerator at Dire Dawa Shinile

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Energy is one of the key factor for development of the country, and it can be gained from different sources, but some of these sources are not environmentally friendly, expensive and difficult to transport; like fossil fuel. The best option to solve these problems is use solar energy, wind energy and etc. Ethiopia has huge potential for solar energy because it is located close to the equator. Refrigerator is one of the essential tools used in daily. Especially refrigerator is very required for the people who live in desert area for cooling water. The people living in grid connected system use electric powered refrigerator for cooling water, but people living in desert off-grid area can't get electric powered refrigerator. Therefore this problem would be solved when they use solar powered refrigerator. In this work Dire Dawa shinile is study area of this thesis and it located at 9.68° latitude and 41.85° Longitude. One of the major drawbacks of solar refrigerator technology has been the large battery systems that were required to store the sun’s energy for use during the night and cloudy periods. These batteries have a relatively short life time and replacements are expensive. In this work solar power refrigerator optimization is eliminates the expensive energy storage batteries and use ice storage tank instead of battery. PV sizing for solar powered refrigerator is depending on power requirement of compressor by using PVsyst software. The Freeze water in ice storage tank by using the sun's energy which operate compressor of refrigerator and then by using these ice storage to cooling water drink, during solar energy couldn't drive compressor. The net capacity of the refrigerator use for cooling water is 33L and an ice storage of 1kg, is able to maintain 6 liter of water drink temperature below 5℃ as comfortable for drink. The initial cost of solar powered refrigerator is 13,266birr and this cost would be obtain after one year. Solar powered refrigerator system can be reliably used at where the local grid is not continuously available where as refrigeration need is critical.



olar energy, photovoltaic (PV), cooling water, ice storage, pvsyst