Design of a Generic Multi-Channel Clearance Management System

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Addis Ababa University


A clearance is a certificate permitting to disengage from an institution. It is very essential and must be implemented taking into account the different enterprise and organizational assets into account. The current known approaches to clear an entity is user collects the Clearance Request Form physically and fill the required information. A user appears in person in the office of stakeholder, look for the person responsible to verify for a sign. After properly completing such forms and getting them signed by the appropriate offices, the user submits it to the office. The main drawback of the existing approach the integrity of information is not fully guaranteed, Lack of data security in Unauthorized access and Accidental loss, it needs a physical presence in each office which are disintegrated, the process is time-consuming, loss of some files and document. This research aims to design and develop a generic clearance system that will apply for any organization and any entity to clear to reduce delays in the manual process and create a central repository for entities to be cleared. The designed system will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking user clearance, remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable the user to understand procedures involved, as well as how to do clearance. We proposed a generic clearance management system that can clear any entity and use for any company at any time. we designed a generic system that accepts variabilities related to entities, organizations, and their business flow which are not currently available in the existing clearance platform. The proposed system enables to register a material for the participant, borrow some material, return a borrowed item, request clearance, approve the request, and give certification at any time. Based on the proposed system, a clearance management that shows all the features of the system are developed. In this work, the implementation of the computer-based system using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL at the backend. Finally, a usability experiment was carried out, and, 96% of participants have agreed that the generic clearance management system has higher usability than the previous manual method.



Clearance System, Generic, Distributed, Eav, Clearance Management