The Implementati£in [If Active Learning Appr (Lach , in Selected Upper Primary Sch[I[)Ls oF Addis Abab)a

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Addis Ababa University


True learning demands engaging learners in active and purposive use of i11formationfrom their environment and other sources to make a betterli[e. The purpose of this stlldy was to investigate the statlls of the implementation of active learning approach in some selected governmental and private upper primary schools in Addis Ababa. Data were generated using a questionnaire that was dispatched to a purposively selected 63 teachers and 124 students, an interview conducted with a purposively selected 8 school principals, classrooms observations and review of curricular I1wterials. By employing a descriptive survey research method, the sllidy found out that although the implementation of active leaming approach is emphasized in the policy, currently leclw'e methods, in which teach ers' talks dominate in most classrooms. 'l'he obstacles found were teachers' lack of skills, inappropriate curricular materials, lack or school facilities to implement active leaming and to some extent studenls' (mel teachers' lack of positive attitude towards active learning. Th e result seems to suggest that the policy has set expectations on schools to implement active learning approach that demands more than what they actlwlly can do ut the moment. Therefore, provision of more enobling conditions such us instrudionul resources, suitable curriculor I1wterials unci continuous and relevu nt in -service and pre-service trainings for upper primary school teachers is hiyhly essentiul to improve the implementation of active learning



Active; Learning; Appr[Lach