Some Cultural Elements as Reflected in Somali Folktales

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Addis Ababa University


This study has three main divisionso The first part which runs from chapter one to six lays the foundation for uhe study by describing the purpose of the study, the Somali people, their language, culture and economyo The area of study, the methodology used, transcription and a brief introduction to oral literature in Somali culture are also given in this part. The second part deals with description and analysis of the tales selectedo Here, a brief description of each tale, or that of a group of tales is given, and then, the cultural elements it (they) embodies are pointed out through a thematic analysiso This part is where the bulk of the work is, and it has several subdivisions. The third part is the conclusion, which sums up significant elements observed in the analysis, and also attempts to point out the implications of some of the cultural values to the modern concepts of education and national integrationo Eighty-two teales selected for this study are entered in the appendixo



Cultural Elements