Parametric Assessment of the Effect of Shear Deformation in Concrete Shear Wall with and without Openings for Lateral Action using Simplified Hand Procedure

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Addis Ababa University


Shear wall, a continuous vertical member, is an important element in high-rise building, which provides the lateral stability and resistance to lateral force. Lateral load resistance capacity of shear wall is controlled by two parameters, the strength and the ductility; it is better to have the shear strength somewhat greater than the compressional to prevent shear failure, which is brittle, sudden and of serious consequence. Due to the architectural and functionality reasons, openings are providing in this important structural part. The main objective of this study is to investigate the effects of shear deformation on shear wall with different type of openings and wall dimension for later action using simplified hand procedure. To investigate the effect of shear deformation, parametric study presents for shear wall deformation. A total of thirty-two cases of systematically random selected input variables namely: height of shear wall (H), length wall (L), opening height (ho), opening length (lo) and thickness for shear wall with window and door type of opening. For solid shear wall (without opening) input variables are height of wall (H) length of wall (L) and thickness (t). The systematically selection random variables is done using Latin Hypercube Sampling method (LHS). Those random variables distribution follow normal distribution. And then by taking the shear deformation of thirty-two cases of shear wall with and without opening from simplified hand procedure, verified by illustrative example and ANSYS, a statistical data analysis is performed using regression analysis in order to identify the most influential input parameter on the shear wall deformation of shear wall. Results of statistical data analysis demonstrates the significance of five input variables on two cases, shear wall with and without opening and three input variables on solid shear wall. Height of opening most influential parameter for shear wall with and without opening. But for shear wall without opening thickness of wall is influential parameter for the determination of shear deformation. On other hand, this paper provides some support to identify which parameter increase and which parameter decrease shear deformation to reduce brittle failure in of shear wall. This will enable to consider factor of safety for the uncertain input parameters on shear deformation equations. It is helpful to construct empirical equation using large set of data.



shear deformation, parametric study, simplified hand procedure, Latin Hypercube Sampling Method (LHS)