Advanced Management Accounting Techniques in Manufacturing Firms in Ethiopia

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In order to survwe and remam competitive the manufacturing firms are under increasing pressure to become more efficient in managing and controlling their costs. This paper examines the level of advanced management accounting practices in manufacturing firms of Ethiopia and it examines the relationship of some theoretical factors that influencing the usage AMATs. The usage or its level of advanced management accounting techniques increased in the last five years and this implies that the manufacturing has awareness about this techniques. To examine the relationship of theoretical factors that might affect the usage of AMATs the paper used Pearson correlation and cross tabulation. As the Pearson correlation coefficient indicates usage of AMATs and usage of advanced manufacturing technology has strong relationship. In the regards of the Traditional Management Accounting Techniques, it uses widely and increased in the last five years. To keep pace with the world changing management accounting environment, Ethiopian manufacturing firms should use the newly developed techniques.



Accounting, Management, Manufacturing