Effects of Workforce Diversity Management on Employees’ Performance; The Case of African Union Commission, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The need for understanding workforce diversity Management and its impact on the employees’ performance arises from the world’s increasing globalization that requires more interaction among people from diverse backgrounds. Thus, this study is conducted to assess the effects of workforce diversity Management on employee performance in The African Union Commission, Addis Ababa. The research design is Descriptive Research Design and quantitative business research approach is adopted for the study. The study population consisted of all staff that belongs to the AUC. A sample size of 80 respondents was taken and questionnaire was used to collect the necessary data. The data were analyzed using descriptive, correlation, and regression analysis with the help of SPSS version 20.0. Based on the findings of the study, gender diversity, ethnicity diversity and educational background diversity altogether can explain 33.2% of the variation in employees’ performance. Thus, it can be concluded that there is a significant effect of the workforce diversity Management variables on performance of employees at African Union Commission, Addis Ababa. The study recommends that the management of the AUC should strengthen its effort in improving its workforce diversity Management practice so as to create a work atmosphere suitable to a diverse workforce



employee performance, workforce diversity, workforce diversity Management