Effect of Coaching on Employee Performance The Case of East Africa Bottling S.C (Coca Cola Ethiopia)

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Addis Ababa University


This research started having the main of assessing the effect of coaching on employee performance at East Africa Bottling S.C (EABSC), the exclusive manufacturer of Coca Cola product in Ethiopia. For the achievement of this major objective the research emphasizes on 4 areas of interest which are employee understanding the role of coaching practice, feedback provision of coaching, use of structured coaching plan, coaching environment or culture and assess the relationship with employee sales performance. The research collected the relevant data using structured questionnaire and different document from the company. The questionnaire was distributed via Google forms for ease of completion and included the sales employees and managers currently working at EABSC in Ethiopia. The research used explanatory method to analyze the data collected from the sample employees. Consequently, the findings of the research were discussed, the major finding of the research indicated that the company seem to have a good coaching practice has been which partially could be attributed to the company being subsidiary of international firm and this has been positively related with employee performance. The coaching feedback provision that also been assessed in this research and employees are satisfied with the feedback they are getting from their coaches. Accordingly, the research also revealed that conducive coaching environment and application of structured coaching plan have a very strong effect on employee performance at EABSC in Ethiopia. Even if the company seem to be on a solid ground on its coaching practice and its system, there are somethings that needs further digging and adjustment to make the best use of coaching. Some of the recommendations include focus of the coaching was criticized to being mostly to solve temporary performance problems, sometimes focus of feedback seem to be on employee’s shortcomings, frequency of coaching is also a bit inconsistent. Finally, the research suggested developing of coaching APP for better tracking of the coaching



Coaching, Sales and Performance