Investigating the Practices and Perceptions of English Teachers With Regard to Reading Instruction Phases: The Case of Two High Schools in Hawassa Town

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Addis Ababa University


The main pllrpose of this study is to investigate the practice and perceptions of English teachers reading instrllctional phases. 77,e general objeclive of the study is to explore how they implement the reading phases and specifically examine the tasks they use in pre, while and post- reading phases, and the problems they encounter in Ihe process. The subjecls oflhe sludy are grades 9 and 10 English language leachers and Iheir sludents offWo privale high schools in !-IcIII'assa lawn, SOS Senior SecondCIIY !-ligh School and Comboni Comprehensive School. More specifically, si.r language leochers who have been offering English language courses al grades 9 and 10 levels and two hundred seventy sludenlS oflhese leachers (fiJ rly jive ji-om each leacher) were the subjecis of the study. These teachers and sludents were randomly selected by drawing lot. To achieve the purpose of Ihe study, a queslionnaire was prepared and administered 10 studems. 7'l,e olher instrument used to colleci data was observation. Reading class observation checklist was used 10 observe the reading lessons. Moreover, an inten'iew was designed and administered to three randomly ,I-e/ecled English leachers ji-om both schools. The findings reveal that the allention paid to promoting Ihe use of associating and creating visual images in the pre-reading stage seemed to be loll'. In the while-reading phase, practicing activities that fos ter student '.I' ab ilities tv draw conclusions and implications ji-om texts lack enough allention. !-Iowever, with regard to advancing the ail/IS of the posl- reading phase, evaillating and internalizing the texts read seemed 10 be done well. However, the use oflllother tongue, students background, the wash back effect of tesls and exalllS and lack of adequate lextbooks have created difficulties for teachers to employ Ihe phases of teaching readin?, in their classrooms.



Perceptions of English Teachers, With Regard to Reading Instruction Phases