A Framework to Support Knowledge Sharing Practice among Health Care Professionals at Yekatit 12 Hospital Medical College

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Addis Ababa University


Background: - Knowledge is a prime asset of organizations especially in knowledge intensive organizations like health sector and its management is important for organizational success. Knowledge sharing is transferring task relevant ideas, information, knowledge and experiences with other members as well as its retrieval and reuse in the organization. Therefore, acknowledgement of the importance of knowledge sharing in healthcare organizations will improve the quality of health care service. Objective: - The purpose of this research project is to investigate the current knowledge sharing practice among health professionals so as to propose framework that support knowledge flow process in yekatit 12 Hospital medical college. Methods: - A facility based cross sectional mixed qualitative and quantitative study was conducted among 279 health workers using proportionally stratified random sampling technique. The data was collected using self-administered structured questionnaire and supplemented with a qualitative in-depth interviews. The quantitative data was entered and analyzed using SPSS version 20 while the qualitative data analyzed using thematic approach and presented in the form of narration. Result: - The study revealed that 53% of the study participants frequently share their knowledge. More than half of the participants report the absence of motivational schema or system and 60% of the respondents have high motivational level. Multivariate analysis result indicates that knowledge sharing of the health care professionals is by 2.87 score more in the presence of information communication technology with (AOR=2.87; 95% CI= (1.18, 7.007)). Therefore, information communication technology found to be an independent predictor for knowledge sharing. Based on the findings of the study a framework that support the knowledge flow process was proposed. Therefore, framework is designed to enable information technology plays its part in improving knowledge sharing practice in the hospital to improve the quality of health care service. Conclusion: - The study shows that most of the respondents were aware of the importance of knowledge sharing, engage in active knowledge sharing practice and use face to face communication and observation as knowledge sharing mechanism in the hospital. And also the study indicate availability of ICT as independent predictor of knowledge sharing.



Knowledge is a prime asset of organizations especially