Teaching- Learning Difficulties in Three Selected Government Primary Schools of Kolfe Keraneo Sub- City in Addis Ababa in the Case of Destitute Students

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The principal purpose of the research entitled “Teaching learning difficulties in three selected government primary schools of Addis Ababa in case of destitute students” by Nefisa Mohammed was to understand that the presence of destitute students in selected government primary schools created teaching learning difficulties. To realize the objectives of the study, data were collected from three selected government primary schools. Teachers, Parents Studentd Teachers Union (PSTU) leader and few parents were interviewed. Other teachers and purposively selected destitute students participated in the questionnaire. The researcher also made focus group discussion (FGD) with destitute students. Observations were made in two of the three selected schools because the researcher couldn’t do it in Weyra Primary School due to extraordinary meetings. The findings revealed that destitute students are the causes of teaching learning difficulties. The problems behind destitute students are source of teaching learning difficulty. School staffs and other stakeholders’ intervention reduced students’ problem but still there are destitute students who are not included with destitute students in case of shortage and three schools are doing their support with alarm of shortage of supply to destitute students feeding program. On the other way, teachers’ involvement in destitute students’ case reduced their teaching time and students learning time as per the schools schedule. This is sensitive case that needs solution since it affects teaching learning time. Students being indifferent types of problem made them to be found in learning difficulty. The problem seems upgraded still it takes concerned teacher teaching time and it made other students who couldn’t be included under the supporting umbrella keep them still in learning difficulty in cause of shortage. Since the supporting activities are not in sustainable manner and the problems seem to rise up again, appropriate attention is needed from concerned bodies such as policy makers and other stake holders to control the problem.