Developing Criteria for Designing an Appropriate English Course for Technical Students

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the communicative as well as target and learning needs of the technical students with special reference to three technical schools in Addis Ababa with a view to developing criteria for designing an appropriate English course for these students. For the study! questionnaires were designed and distributed to three different groups: English teachers! academic and technical subject teachers and technical students. Interviews were conducted with English teachers and technical students to crosscheck responses obtained through questionnaires. An analysis of the English textbooks was made to find out the most frequent language functions and notions students needed. The basic criteria developed from the findings are that the syllabus should be topic-based incorporating language functions and notions! skills! vocabulary and structure; the content should derive both from the technical and general English; the materials should cover all the four language skills with emphasis placed in order of priority on reading! speakin~ writing and listening skills and the methodology would adopt a variety of more recent and suitable techniques for language learning such as pair or group work problem solving activities.



Criteria for Designing