Narrative Time in A Biography ቀኝ ጌታ ዮፌታሔ ንጉሤ፣ አጭር የሕይወቱና የጽሐፈ ታሪክ in Focus by Paulos

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis seeks to analyze narrative time by using ቀኝ ጌታ ዮፌታሔ ንጉሤ፣ አጭር የሕይወቱና የጽሐፈ ታሪክ (the Biography of Qäňň Geta Yoftahe Nigussie). It bases relevant narrative theories of Gerrard Genette, Rimmon-kanan, and Jahn M., the proponents of narrative theory, in its analysis of narrative time. To analyze narrative time of the biography, the thesis interpreted stories in terms of order, duration, and frequency. Considering order, it has been investigated that stories in the biography are presented very chronologically. The biography tells the life story and careers of Yoftahe from birth to death in their logical arrangement. The analysis of duration showed that summarizing or „panoramic‟ mode of telling story is dominant, and the story is accelerated. It shows that story time is greater than narrative time in most of the narrations. The examination of frequency (how frequent an event is in the story and in the narrative) in the text showed that there is singulative telling predominantly. It is investigated that most of the events occurred once and represented once throughout the narrative. As a whole, the study figured out that chronological order, speeding up of stories, and singulative telling are the predominant features in analyzing narrative time in the biography of Qäňň Geta Yoftahe Nigussie. It is also investigated that the narrative doesn‟t flow in strictly uniform pace, so some other features like prolepsis and analepsis of ordering, pause and ellipsis with regard to story time and narrative time, and repetitive and iterative telling of frequency are also used in some portions of the text for achieving certain purposes.



የጽሐፈ ታሪክ in Focus by Paulos