Cha ll enges and Opportunities of Women to be leaders in Selected Governmental Scco ndary Schools of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The study was designed to investiga tc the fac tors that contribute to the low participation of women and to asse..<;s the opportu nities that promote women's participation in school leadership. Survey research method was conducted in five secondary schools and the data were col lected using questionnaire. interview ,and foc lls grollp discuss ion from leachers, Addis Ababa CilY government education bureau gender expert, woredas educa tion bureau officials ,vice principn ls, and a principa l; then the data were analyzed both quant itati vely and qua litatively. Therefore the result revealed that the presence of stra tegies, plans, and policies, gender sens it ivi ty of se lection criteria of principals for secondary schools, regular revision of gender policies and strategies ,the presence of women affair depa rtments and presence of on-job and pre-job trainings and the effectiveness of women in planning werc the opportunities that encouraged women's parti cipation in school leadership. However, less commitment of officials to implcmcnt gcnder sem:i tivc policies, negative stereotyp ing, fear of balancing family and professional work, informal network of men, absence of ro le models and low educational background of women were bn rri ers for the low panicipation of women principals in secondary schools. Therefor e, to enhance the participation of women princ ipals in secondary schools, al1 officials should be committetl to implement gender sensitive policies, awa reness c reation programs should be impl emented to the society ,and strong network of women shou ld be des igned through whi ch they can share expen ellcc.



Women to be leaders in Selected, Governmental Scco ndary Schools