Socio - Economic Determinants of Child Schooling in Rural Households of Ethiopia

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Education, being the major element in human capital theory, is analyzed in different perspective as it plays a pivotal role for the development of any country. The main objective of the study was therefore to understand the major micro level socio-economic determinants of child schooling in the case of rural Ethiopia. These determinants of ~chooling were initially hypothesized to include . child's own characteristics; like age, marital status, gender, and participation in labour activities, Household characteristics; like head's age, marital status, gender, occupation, and education with household size, availability of toilet and pipe water, educational expense and eqqub membership last one was the community level variables which include, availability of electricity and pipe water in the community and, distance to school. Two. models, binary pro bit model and ordered probit model, were used to estimate child schooling, current attendance and highest grade attained given by the current enrollment and the highest completed grades of children, respectively. Rural villages' representative cross-section • data from the ERHS of the 7'h round were employed in the analysis. The main findings of the result supported the hypothesis that education, age, availability of pipe water in the household are positively related to schooling outcome. The region where the household resides also has an effect on child schooling. Household size and gender however, were found to be insignificant in explaining child schooling in the rural areas. In addition, some variables found to be significant for the two models uniquely. The finding of the study revealed that schooling decision is influenced by the analyzed socio- . economic variables and achieving a high level of education requires all rounded sustainable development with well devised policies.



Determinants of Child, Households of Ethiopia