Appraisal of Teaching Effectiveness of The Prospective Teachers of Arba Minch Teachers• Training Institute (With Particular Reference To Amharic And English)

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Addis Ababauniversity


The purp se of this tudy i to appraise the extent which would - be teacher teach in the teaching practice effectively \\'hen Cell in the light of the fi\'e key behaviors. i,e" lesson clarity, in tructional variety. teachers ta k orientati n and engagement in the learning process and student ucce s rat , To thi end. two data gathering instruments (observation scales and que tionnaire) weI' employed. while three Amharic and five English teachers teaching and one hundred sixty eight tudent-teacher iQ training \vere used as the subjects of the study, Percentage was employed to analyze the data, Finding made clear that the behaviors of clarity such as informing learners about the ksson objective and pro iding them \\'ith an ad\'ance organizer are not performed properly, The beha\'iors of c1arit such a checking for task-relevant prior learning at begirming of the les on. gi\'ing directi\'es slowly and distinctly. etc, are performed in a medium level by teachers and \\'ould-be teachers, Would-be teachers perform the behavior that is knowing ability levels and teaching at slightly abO\ e learners' current level of functioning in a low marmer. \\ ith r gard to variety. some of its beha\'iors such as showing enthusiasm and animation through variation in eye contact voice and gesture . etc,. are better done, Wherea the beha\'iors such as using attention-gaining de ices, using a mix of rewards and reinforcers. u ing various types of questions and using various mode of presentation are badly done, Regarding task orientation. behaviors such as de\'eloping unit and lesson plans and teaching in accordance v,ith text and curriculum guide. etc,. are performed in a medium level. \\'h reas the behaviors such as selecting the most appropriate instructional method for the objecti\' s being taught and establishing schedule in which major classroom acti\'ities begin and end \\'ith clearly \'isible events are performed in a 10\\ manner by would-be teachers, :\s regards engagement. the behaviors such as providing for guided practic . pro\'iding c rrcctives for guided practic in a non- e\'aluative atmosphere, u ing meaningful \'erbal praise are not bener done, Amharic and English teachers better do the behavior that is using group and indi\'idual activities as motivational aids when necessary, \\'hereas it i done in low I vel by \\ ould-b teachers of Amharic and English, On the other hand. the behavior that is monitoring at\\' rk by circulating and frequently checking progress is performed by a medium level. Concerning modcrate-to-high success rate, beba\'i r sucb a e tablishing unit and k on organization that reflects task-relevant prior learnino ' etc .. are performed in a medium Ie\' I. Whereas the behaviors such as administering COlT cti\'e immediately after initial re pOll ' e and establishing momentum arc badly done, Finally. giving due emphasi to organizing a series f eminars /workshops to familiariz and to refresh the language teachers of TTl in particular and the staff in general v ith modern principks, theories and m thods of teaching by im'iting resource per ons \\'ith diflerent fields or specialization. and arranging continuous hort-term in- ervice education for tcacher ' r \\ LHtld-bt.: teachers in particular and for fir t cycle primary chool teach I' in gcneral art: the major recornm ndations in order to improve t aching ef~ cti\'cncss