Marketing Decision Support System (Mdss) Case Studies on Aspsc & Mobil Oil East Africa Limited

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Addis Ababa University


Many marketing decisions are made in complex environments where numerous variables are affecting the decision outcomes. Faced with these difficulties, marketing executives seek decision aid tools like Marketing Decision Support System (MDSS). It is a tool to utilize relevant information from business environment and return it in to basis for making actions. Most of the international enterprises use this MDSS to improve the effectiveness of their decision making process. However, several of the domestic companies shy away from the use of decision support tools. The good examples of such companies are: Akaki Spare Parts and Hand Tools S. Co. and Mobil Oil East Africa Limited. The main intention of this thesis is to prepare tools that assist these two companies’ marketing decision makers in carrying out their tasks. To be successful, the companies’ current working systems are analyzed in detail with reference to the surveyed literatures. Then, selected decision problems are formulated using appropriate modeling techniques. Finally, computer programs that match with the diagnosed situations have developed by using visual basic computer programming language and its database by access computer programming language. The proposed MDSS works for four decision types, two from ASPSC and two from Mobil. It can be further implemented to other decision types with slight modifications.



Industrial Engineering Stream