An Evaluation of the Design of Vocabulary Tasks and Their Implementation With Reference to Grade Nine English Textbook

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the design of vocabulary tasks and their implementation in line with various design of vocabulary learningtasks. A descriptive research design was used.A total of 130 randomly selected grade nine students and four English teachers in Kokebe Tsibah Secondary and Preparatory School were involved. The data were collected through document analysis, classroom observation and interview. Then, the information obtained from these sources were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively and evaluated using checklists. The results from document analysis revealed that an attempt was made to include various vocabulary learning tasks. However, there were vocabulary learning tasks that were not included.. Besides, the finding show that the vocabulary tasks lack authentic material and doesn’t encourage meaningful language use. In addition, vocabulary learning objectives are not clearly indicated. Classroom observation also revealed that teachers hardly implement various vocabulary learning tasks in classroom. Therefore, it is recommended that textbook writers should consider the vocabulary learning tasks that were not included while designing vocabulary tasks. Furthermore, authentic materialsand tasks that invite meaningful language use should be included. Moreover, teachers should implement various vocabulary learning tasks in vocabulary lessons.



Grade Nine English Textbook