Power Consumption Reduction and User Satisfaction Using Office Task Tailored Automatic Lighting System with Manual Controllability

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Addis Ababa University


Lighting that is artificial represents a substantial portion of international electrical power consumption. This high power consumption affects the cost of the power. In work places and offices there is fixed light intensity, mainly in Ethiopia. This fixed light intensity affects the health and comfort of workers in addition to high power consumption. To minimize these problems dimmable or variable light intensity is required. Light dimming can be attained by adjusting the voltage or current which gets to the LED lamp. In this research paper light intensity controller automatically using MAX44009 sensor and manually using android devices to control light intensity via Bluetooth was designed, to satisfy users and the amount of the reduced power is calculated and analyzed but not measured due to lack of proposed materials. The light intensity can be controlled automatically using the MAX44009 sensor when this sensor senses the surrounding light intensity and sends a digital I2C signal into the microcontroller. This microcontroller board, in this research, is Arduino Uno, processes the input data from the sensor and decides to adjust the LED lamp brightness. This system is automatic and users cannot interact with it if they want to adjust the brightness. To overcome this problem there is an additional method to control light intensity manually. Controlling light intensity can be done via Bluetooth. To achieve this system android application that can interact with the Bluetooth module and microcontroller was developed. After developing these two methods independently, they are integrated as one system so that the user can adjust the brightness when he wants to create comfortable environment, or else it can be adjusted automatically to reduce power consumption.



Manual Controllability, Power Consumption Reduction, Tailored Automatic Lighting, LED lamp System