Assessment of Professional Employees Turnover and Retention Practice The Case of Wegagen Bank S.C

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Addis Ababa University


The research work has been undertaken with the objectives of assessing factors of professional employee's turnover and the retention mechanisms in Wegagen bank S.c and offering suitable suggestions to control and prevent turnover of employees. Data was gathered from Head office and city branches located in Addis Ababa. Descriptive research design was used in this study and proportionate stratified random sampling has been used to select the samples. Both qualitative and quantitative method are employed in the present study. Primary data were collected using five point likert scale questionnaires and 205 respondents were properly filled and returned. In addition, interview was conducted with management of the HR department. Software that has been used for data analysis is SPSS version 20.0. Frequency and percentage method has been administered to analyze profile of respondents. Descriptive statistics such as mean and standard deviation was used to assess the facets of professional employee's turnover intention. The researcher has found perceived alternative opportunities, job satisfaction, pay and benefit package and leadership to be factors for professional employee's turnover in Wegagen bank. The study has given suitable suggestions to control and prevent professional employee's turnover in Wegagen bank S.c.



Professional employee, turnover intention, retention