Teachers’ Perception of Speaking Skill, Speaking Instruction and Students’ Perception of Speaking Skill (A Descriptive Study on Grade 9 Students of two Secondary Schools in Addis Abab

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Addis Ababa University


This research is about teachers’ perception about speaking skill, speaking instruction and students’ perception of speaking skill. To achieve the objectives of the study 150 grade nine students and 5 teachers were randomly selected from two high schools (i.e. one government and one private). In this study, the questionnaire and classroom observation were used as the major tool for data collection, and interview was used to cross-check the results of the data collected from questionnaires. To know teachers’ perception of speaking skill, 17 questions were prepared and distributed for five teachers. On the other hand, to know students’ perception of speaking skill, 16 questions were prepared and distributed for 150 students. All the questionnaires for both teachers and students were filled and returned. To see how speaking instructions are conducted, an observation checklist was prepared. The observation checklist contains eight evaluation criteria. In the analysis of the data, simple statistical procedures were used which made the interpretation and discussion of the results easier and clearer. The discussion was made by making use of percentage and the result of all the three tools was triangulated. The study reached a finding that indicates both teachers and students have negative perception about speaking skill and speaking instructions were not conducted properly.



Speaking Instruction and Students