Transport Properties of Charge Carriers in Organic Polymer Films Used in Field Effect Transistor

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Addis Ababa University


Application of a gate bias to an organic field-effect transistor leads to accumulation of the charge carriers in an organic semiconductor within a thin region near an interface of the gate dielectric. An important question raised by this study is whether the charge transport in the region can be affected by thickness layer of semiconductor, the morphology of active material and the gate bias are considered as the factor for varying charge carrier mobility for this particular study. In order to answer this question, we have performed Montecarlo simulation of charge transport in organic field-effect transistor structure with a varying thickness of the organic layer, the gate bias, and the morphology of active material taking into account Coulomb interactions. We explain the charge carrier mobility as a function of field strength for disorder parameter ^_ = 4 and ^_ = 3 to draw a conclusion for strong disorder charge carrier mobility is good enough than weak disorder, For gate bias since the number of particles on metallic contact depend on the gate bias therefore when we increase the gate bias charge carrier mobility increases and for different organic layer thickness specifically up to the third layer the charge carrier mobility increase which leads us to a conclusion that charge transport in organic semiconductor layer should be considered three dimensional.



A conjugated polymer, Electronic Structure, Organic Semiconductors