Major Themes in Post-1979 E.C.Amharic Short Stories

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Addis Ababa University


The post-1979 period has seen a great increase in the production of Amharic short stories. These stories treat a wide variety of themes and give an insight into the values, attitudes, fears, etc. of our society. However, the dominant concerns of the stories have not been studied and brought to light by researchers. This research examines the themes in contemporary Amharic short story anthologies. The main purpose of the thesis is to make a thematic study of post-1979 Amharic short stories and provide the reading public with an insight into the traits, values and life styles that the Ethiopian short stories intend to promote or deter. The study comprises three chapters . The first chapter gives a modest account of the Ethiopian short story and explains the purpose of the research. The second chapter is devoted to the discussion of basic themes. The themes have been studied in relation with their causes and implications on social life. The variety of themes reflected in the stories under study have been classified into five major groups. The last chapter summarizes the findings of the research.



Amharic Short Stories