Practices and Problems of Human Resource Utilization in Dire Dawa Education Sector

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Addis Ababa University


The major purpose of the study was to assess the practices and problems of human resource utilization, assessing the cun-ent practices of human resource utilization, identifying major factors affecting human resource utilization in Dire Dawa Provisional Administration education sector. To achieve the purpose a descriptive survey study method was employed. In the study four major groups of samples encompassing 22 principals, 12 supervlsors, 156 teachers and 50 administrative and support staff participated. Questionnaires were the major instruments used to collect data. Moreover, analysis of documents and interviews were used to elicit additional infonnation. Analysis was made both quantitatively and qualitatively and it revealed that the practice of human resource utilization in the Regional Education Bureau was not effective in both teachers and administrative and support staff utilization. In the attempt made to identify factors affecting human resource utilization, inappropriate assignment of both teachers and other workers, shortage of competitive teachers and other education personnel, poor practices in teachers and other adminis trative and support staff training and the like were found to be the major problems. Moreover, failure of the regional education sector to attract and retain competitive teachers and other administratiue and support workers was found to be among the major factors hampering the human resource utilization. Regarding the effects of improper utilization of human resource, shortage of competent and committed administrative workers and teachers, most of the positions in the education bureau being vacant, most of the workers in the education bureau as well as in schools and most of teachers being aged etc were the major observed effects of improper human resource utilization. Simply, these imply that because of its poor practice inhuman resource utilization, the education sector was not in a position to attract and retain young, energetic and competent teachers and other workers. Some practical measures to be taken to improve the practice of human resource utilization were suggested, which would enable the sector to attract and retain qualified, competent and committed teachers and other education personnel.



Problems of Human Resource Utilization