Comparative Study on Classroom Social Interaction in Government and Private Preparatory Schools: The Case of Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study is to identify and compare the level of classroom social interaction in government and private preparatory schools of Addis Ababa city Administration. For the study the researcher took three government and three private preparatory schools by simple random sampling and used 12 classrooms for data collection taking two sections at random from each setting. The observed classes geography. history and Amharic classes are selected purposefully because these subjects are non plasma sUbjects in both the settings. The method employed is mixed method (both quantitative and qualitative! and comparative study design was used for the research. Data were collected by using observation, questionnaire and interview. The data was analysed by simple statistical methods (percentage and ratio! for the quantitative datct and by categorizing in to their implications for the qualitative data. The main out comes of the study ar~ teachers in the government schools have a better understanding of the contribution of classroom social interaction for the teaching learning process, teachers dominates the classroom social interaction in both settings but in terms of exercising the indirect teaching behaviour; facilitating collaborative/active learning method and giving considerable time for students participation, teachers of government schools are better than teachers of private schools. In genera~ the overall classroom social interaction in government schools is better than that of the private schools. The gender issue is also treated in the study and the findings shows that in the government schools male students interact more than female students, whereas in the private schools female students interact more than male students. Moreover; in the stUdy the researcher recommended that the concerned bodies,· to upgrade teachers by arranging training sessions, arranging experience sharing programme among teachers of the two settings and motivating educators to conduct researches on the issue of classroom social interaction.



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