Assessment Of Workplace Conflict In Ethiopian Electric Power Office

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Addis Ababa University


Conflict is an inevitable part of life that occurs when the things individuals care about appear incompatible. It may arise from a misunderstanding between co-workers or poor communication within a department. No matter the cause, you can deal effectively with conflict in the workplace in a proper wayThe study employs explanatory research design to investigate the causes and outcomes of workplace conflict. The main objective of the study is to identify the different types, causes and outcomes of workplace conflict in Ethiopian Electric Power, head office. The primary data was collected using close ended questionnaire. The secondary data included books, article, journals and other published materials. The questionnaires were distributed to the sample respondents of 167Ethiopian Electric Power employees, which are selected using stratified random sampling. The Data collected from the questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive analysis. The results obtained from the analysis showed that; Interpersonal and Intergroup conflict are the major types of conflict in the organization, it also revealed that communication factor as the major source of conflict.. With regard to outcomes of conflict it shows that; conflict has an impact on the employee’s performance as well as on their tenure. Finally the researcher recommended that to minimize conflicts caused by these different factors its better if the organization improves its activities regarding employee’s relation with colleagues and management, communication system and overall reward system. Furthermore the researcher also suggested that proper management skills should be taken by all mangers in order to constructively manage conflicts to the benefit of the company and its members



Conflict, Types and Outcomes, Ethiopian Electric Power