Effect of Selected HRM Practices on Perceived Employee Performance: In Case of Ethiopian Electric Utility Head Office

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Addis Ababa University


Management of human resource has improved drastically as organizations seek to gain competitive advantage through all means nowadays. The study sought to assess the effect of selected HRM practices on perceived employee performance in the case of Ethiopian electric utility at head office. The study attended 79.5 % of responses rate as 225 questionnaires were properly returned out of 283 self-administrated or distributed questionnaires. This study mainly used primary data and self-administrated questionnaire. A pilot study was undertaken with various experts to test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. The stratification was based on the type of the employees’ engagement (core and support services) that sampled employees were operating. Using correlation analysis, this study established the relationship between independent variables and perceived employee performance and tested the influence on employee performance in Ethiopian electric utility at head office. Then, the result of the regression analysis displays that promotion, training and development, compensation and reward and performance appraisal have a positive and significant effect on perceived employee performance; this assure that the hypothesis is accepted. Thus, the study concluded that there is a significant effect of promotion, training & development, compensation and reward and performance appraisal on perceived employee performance



Perceived Employee Performance, HRM Practices, Promotion