The Effect of Workplace Conflict on Organizational Performance a Case Study of Bole Sub City Business Organizations

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to explore the occurrence of workplace conflicts, the different causes of conflicts and their effects on the respective business organizations included in this research. The research has been conducted with the aim of using primary data source collected through data collecting instruments questionnaires and interviews. Initially it was planned to collect data from one hundred fifty respondents and one hundred forty two samples have been successfully collected through random sampling technique. The data collected was analyzed with the help of SPSS software and qualitatively. When employees come to the workplace with different backgrounds, such incompatibilities obviously put them in conflict. When people are trying to work together with such differences, conflicts might occur at times when they are unable to accommodate their differences. Workplace conflict and organizational performance are strongly interrelated. In this research the most important causes of workplace conflict, there effects and outcomes are examined and finally recommendations will be suggested on the basis of the findings of the research. The study has revealed that workplace conflict has various causes as: differences in backgrounds, personal needs, attitudes, desires, values, interests and also lack of clear job descriptions. The findings of this study have also leaded us to conclusions that the different causes of workplace conflicts have resulted in either negative or positive effects. The management of any business organization has to keep alert and watch out to the prevalence of any kind of workplace conflict and find a timely solution before it disrupts the company. Business organizations should give clear job descriptions and work directions for easier workflow and establishing smooth relationship



Business organization, workplace conflict