Economic Valuation of Urban Green Open - Spaces: Evidence from Addis Ababa

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Urban green spaces generate a variety of uses which range from amenities, aesthetic, bequest and altruism value This study explores the awareness of the peoples of Addis regarding these ecosystem services of the environment. the monetary valuation of these environmental values which are not traded at ordinary market was estimated by the contingent valuation method using indirect utility measure and introducing a referendum take if or leave it price (initial bid). A survey which gleaned data using a face-to-face inter views of 200/0Uf which 8 samples were discarded /household heads in four-purposely selected sub-cities by using a stratified random sampling technique, The people of Addis have a positive WTP and attitude towards the current activities of urban green space development as well as for improving the quality from 'he present level. Most of the interviewed households have the habit of recreation in urban parks (green open spaces). The empirical results shows that households WTP is affected by a number of explanatory variables both socio-economic and others. Socio-economic variables like sex of the house hold, income, education and type of working institution. affect the probability of }VTP positively. total willing ness 10 pay were derived from the open-ended follow tip question and conservative estimate of total willing ness to pay for the existed use of urban green spaces, were found to be birr 16,682,574.33 and birr and birr 31, 700,248.7 for improved use of urban green spaces per annum. This study will help decision makers in this area to analyze the cost and benefit of the program, to identify intervening mechanism to develop public opinion in environmental issues. Also enable them to know the present awareness level and commitment of the public at large. Key words: urban green space, Amenity value. bequest, aesthetic. altruism, CVM, WTP, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



Amenity Value, Urban Green Space