The Determinants of Conservation Agriculture Practice among Small-Holder Farmers: The Case of Gozamin Woreda, East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This paper examines the determinants of CA technology practice on major crop productivity among small holder farmers in Amhara region East Gojjam zone Gozamin woreda at (Yenebirina and Chimbord) kebele. The study was follow and employed mixed methods research approach addressed by cross- sectional survey data since the study has been done at one season of time and place. The results indicate that sampled households are found in different categories of crop productivity with CA technology practice, i.e., medium yield increment of crop productivity (11.58 %), high increment of crop productivity (65.26 %) and higher yield increment of crop productivity (23.16 %). The results of the ordered logit model show that some socio-economic and institutional factors affect the crop productivity under CA technology practice differently. Access to input, availability of mulch materials, age, level of education and percent of area of cultivated land covered under CA technology practice have significant positive influence on high and higher yield increment of major crop productivity category under CA technology practice. The study shows CA extension advisory services is not included with multi discipline manner. There was limitation of integration of CA technology with farm implement mechanization. The study indicated that from the total cultivated land 38.58% covered under CA. Area of land coverage under CA is low due to constraints of mulch materials. The study result indicated among the three principles of CA technology practice (minimum soil disturbance, crop residue retention and crop rotations) farmers well practiced minimum soil disturbance and crop rotation. However, crop residues retention or mulching is not well addressed due to mulch material constraint.



Conservation, agriculture, technology, tillage, rotation, mulch, major crop and productivity