Premier and Bherawi League Management System for Ethiopian Football Federation

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Addis Ababa University


Sports like football have worldwide appeal. It plays one of the most significant roles in the everyday life of people around the world, for both those who actively participate in it or those who just watch and support it. Reflected by the mass media, football today has not only become great entertainment, an occupation and a lifestyle, but solid business as well. Professional and amateur football leagues face challenging management problems involving logistics, revenue maximization, schedule fairness issues and game attractiveness, among other aspects. Naturally, the schedule of the matches which consists of assigning referees to games, determining the date and the venue in which each game will be played is of great importance, since it has a considerable impact on the costs or revenues of all parties involved. The current mechanism for handling scheduling and seat reservation processes in Ethiopian leagues is limited to manual work. Thus, in this project work we designed and implemented a web based Premier and Bherawi League management system that satisfies the constraints specified by the Ethiopian Football Federation. The prototype was also validated with real data from the federation and its performance was found to be very good. Keywords: Football, Premier League, Bherawi League, Scheduling, Reservation, Referee Assignment.



Football; Premier League; Bherawi League; Scheduling; Reservation; Referee Assignment