Attempt Towards the Synthesis and Characterization of Som Mixed Ligands Complexes of Ni, Cu, And Cd with Bipyridine Phenanthroline Malonamide and Urea

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Addis Ababa Universty


Visible spectra for solutions of Ni:bipy, Ni:bipy area, Ni: bipy :lVU, , Ni: phen:, Ni; phen: urea, Ni :phen: Mil, Cu:bipy, Cu:bipy:urea Rnd Cu:bipy:MA ~Iere recorded. For the Ni complexes the ii max clid not shift with increRse in pH but the intensity decreased. For the copper complexes increase in pH shifted the "t.m ax to shorter wave length in the basic medium. The synthesis WRS carried out in acidic medium. The complex formed between Ni and bipy '. in the molar ratio 1: 1 c0\11d not be isohlted, but when the cOllcentratiCln of bipy increased two times pink colored crystals of the formula Ni(bipy) 3C12' 6H20 were isolated. Jm attempt to synthesise a nickel mixed ligand complex \'lith bipY:\l,rea and billY: malonamide was done, lJut in both cases Ni(bipY)3012.6H20 waS isolRted. The binary complex Ni(phen)C12 .6H20 was synthesised by the reaction of phen'and Ni012 .6H20. The synthesis of the mixed ligand complex with phen :urea and phen:malonamide was then tried but in both cases Ni(phen)C1 2 .6H20 Vias the product. When CuC1 2 ,2H 2 0 and bipy reacted in the molar ratio 1: 1 at pH 11·,5 Cu(lJipy)Cl" I'/as isolated but c. when the pH was adjusted to 7.0 a complex ?lith a probale formula Cu(bipy) (OH)Ul. 3H20 I/LlS isolate(\. Jm attempt Ims mmie to synthesise the mixed ligand complex of copp~r' \'lith bipy: urea Hnd bipy: malonamicle. In both casos Cu(biI)y)Ol; was formed. The binary complexes of urea Hnd malonamide with copper were syn'chesiseCi to gi vo Cu( urea)C12 ,H20 anCi CU(MA)2C12·2H20. Phenanthroline re8cted with CuC12 ,2H20 in aqueous medium at pH 3.8 to form Cu(phen)C12 , Cadmium chloride gave white crystals with both bipyridine and phenthroline, The complexes were obtained as precipito.tes vlhen the cadmium was added to the ligand solution \,ithout heating. These complexes were insoluble in water and other common solvents. Simi-' lar results Iwre cbt8ined also in the presence of urea and malonamide. In methanol:othanol solvent system the binary complexes Ni(M.A)2C12 and CU(MA)C12 .H20 were synthesised by refluxins the stiochiometric quantities for eight hours, Cd(MA)C12 ,H20 \Vas also synthesised in the same manner. The reaction of copper chloride with urea gave a complex of the formula Cu(urea)4C12 . From cadmium chloride and urea the complex ecl( urea)C12 .H20 was isolated, In an attempt to synthesise complexes of Ni:bipy:MA and Hi:phen:lVlJ.., Ni(MA)C12 was reacted with both bases separatly and it; was found thst both bases substitute the malonamide.. I,hen OU(M,l)012,H20 reacted with bipyridine a compl()x of the formula Ou(bipY)20l2,H20 was isolated



of Ni, Cu, And Cd