The Responding Behav Iour of Sophomore English Instructors of AAU to Student WrItIng

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Addis Ababa University


Tais stui7 atte.,te_ to iavesti,ate, _escribe ani anal7ze the reepoD_ine behaviour of Sopho.ore Enclieh iaatructore of !AU to stu_ent writia,. Aa iavestieatioa was ma'e on what features of writia, the iastructers fecue while provi.ine feei)ack; at what sta,e the7 interve.e to ,ive fee')ack, an' how their etu'ents react to the fee')ack ,ivea to the ••Te achieve tae purpose of the stu'7, 12 Soph •• ore En,l1ah instructere (66. of the total populatioD) an' 60 of their etu'eats (five fro. each inetructor) were ran •• mly chosea. Tae necessary iata was collecte' from : (1) questionnairee ."iaieterei to the instructors ana the etu_eats, '(2) 126 papere aarkea .y the instructere, an. (,) a seven hour recoraia, of aaaple lessoas. Aaa17sie of the 'ata froa taese eource. revealei taat, while previ.iac fee.back, Sophoaore 1aatructore coaceatrate oa low crier concer .. (e.,. aecaaaics; sraamar) an' rarely or aever atten' to hi,h oraer ' coaceras (e.,. orcanization, conteat). It w .. also to ... taat iastructors reapoa. atter students coaplete their writ1nc taske, ani not before they be,in to write or ~s they write. It was also observe_ that the instructors often use a narrow raace of fee_balk teckkiques such as iirect correction of errors. Stuients aleo employ very fe. etratesies ia baailine feeiback. Basei on the,e of the stuiy, it was sUlcestei that instructors recoasiier their responainc behaviour ani tau. focus OD coatent level issues aa' orcanizational pro)lems an', relocate their feea.ack to the 'iftrent stases of writin" usine a wiier ranse of feei.ack tecaniquee. fhe nee' to · train instructors with more effective ways of provi.ins fee.back, and train students with v~io,. waya of haniline their teachers feea.ack is the overall recommeniation of the stu'y .



Responding Behav Iour