Household Willingness to Pay for Improved Solid Waste Management the Case of Adama

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With con tinuo lls urbaniz;;ltion ~Hl d population growth and the resulting increase in solid waste gCllc r.l ri ull, solid Wi-15fC management is becoming a major health and environmenmi concern in majo r lIrb,lll ,IIT,l :, llt" Eth iopia, incl uding Adaml. Ad;1' 1l1 ..1 is si tllated lOOkms away from Addis Abnb" wi th ., rot,l\ population 01 ~OO,OOO <Ind with population growth f.ue of 5.10/0 per yea r. Managemenr of solid W<-lsrc in .1 :'ll::'r,lin,lhl .... 111,1nner requires cooper,Hion among municipalities, the communiry, NGOs and the prh',lfc :-;ccwr. TIll' limited Glp(1c ity of the munic ipal government ca lls for a cost shlring by inhabit"nts of Adcllll:1 h,IScd 0 11 tlKlr <lbility and willingness to pay. The .lim o f this s tudy is [0 determine the willingness o f dwellers of Ad,lm;'l to P;'IY for an illlp ron~ lll cnr in enyi ronme n t ..l l quali ty due to imprm'ed solid waste management. The central hypothes is is thilt \-\'illingne:,-:,to pel), sho uld reflect the v;-llue to the cornmuni ty of having a ben er e nyiro nmentell qua liry, ilCcordillg ro rht:' contingent \•;:t lllation literatllre , A contingent valuation survey is conducted to get info rl1lfltion l)!l house ho lds' \-villingness to P;-lY .. 1 fee thm covers some pro po rtion of the cost of properly hellldling the ;-io lid W'lste. In the SUlyey 250 rand o mly selected ho use ho lds from all kebelcs are intc lyiewed based l)J1 ,I \\'L,11 designed questio nnaire . Three different enforcement mcchclnisms <lre proYidcd to respo ntlcnr:-: u!llkr \\•hich they gi\'e thei r maximum willingness [Q p ..1 Y for imp royed solid w ..1 ste m ..l nagcment to e\',l lll iltc rh(: Im])'h.:r l)! c nfo n:ement mechanism on wi ll ingness to pay val ues. Tobit and Probit models are used (or th(: emplrlc;'11 an'llysis. T he study result shows that o nly 55.80/0 of the ho useholds are getting solid \•V,lsre collect'ion ~(T\ 'i(l'-" ,lnd 55.2% of the ho useholds have some primary waste storage rece ptacles. Most of the ho useholds (96.H9'h) ,Ul' no t s;-I ti sfied with the cu rrent se n'ices provided by the city ad ministrati o n. 920/0 of rhe hotlse h n kl :,- ,l\"e \\'illi lH! ro cooperme with the city gm'ernment to improve the se rv ice in all ilspecrs, including cost sha ring. Thl' me:ln willingness to pay, c<llculated from the o pe n-e nded respo nses, is 8.26, 8.66, and 8.41 Birr/ monrh per household under the existence of no, strong and weak e nforcement mech;'lllisms, respccti\ •c h". The F-r(::,r shows th ,H there is no significan t difference among these mean WTP values ;.lnd hence enfo rcemenr dol':' not matte r. This may be d ue to lack of commitment from the side of the ciry adminbrrmion III implementing cxi sting rules pertinent to illega l dumping ,lnd the concern of well informed ho u:,cho ld:-: r~) p<l)" <l fee irrespecti\'c of whether o r not there is en forcement mechclil ism. The Tobir model shows th,l( income, educMio n , ma rital S[,l[US, rime spent in rhe a re a, q ll'lll flt\• o ( .:'-lliid \\'asre ge ne nnec\, hOLlse owne rship ilnd age( with negmive sign) h,l\"e pos irive .. Illel significlIlr c(f~c r-" l)n Till' Will ingness to p ..1 Y amoun t unde r the three cases . Results of rhe Probit model indiGlte th,H income, hOll-"l' ownership ,md st;.ltus of respo ndent in the household (a ll with positive signs), sex, ,Ige, .. mel W,ls te rec(:p r"ll-k (el l! with neg;.H i\'c s igns) have significant effects on the probabiliry of h aVing .. 1 pos itj','e willingncs:-: [0 P'1\•. The resulr o f rhi s study sugges ts that for improvement in solid waste m .. lnagemcnr, rhe c ity cH.lmini:-:rr .. nion sho uld enfo rce existing rules, improve its sen;ice efficiency and enco ll rclge pri\'~lfe sector p'lrri c. l]l<lrilHl; ~e lYice chmges b,lsed 0 11 ability and willingness to pay o f ho useholds and qua ntiry of \\",l ~ r(' rhc\' !,!t'ller,Hl' sho u ld be introduced; there sho uld be continll OllS awareness c re ation programs .. lnd promotion o f reuse cll1d recycle of w,lstes; <lnd the re should be provis ion of standard prim,lIY waste stonlge receptacles ;It (,lir price:-:.



Improved Solid waste Management