Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall Design Using Reinforcement Steel With Gabion Facing

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Addis Ababa University


This paper presents reinforced earth model retaining wall made of reinforcement steel and gabion facing. Four model reinforced earth retaining wall were designed and constructed at selected site in Technology Faculty (North) campus. Rigid walls were provided at the sides and rear face to simulate the plain strain conditions prevailing in retaining walls. A gabion was used as facing to keep the backfill soil from flowing. Reinforcement steel was used as reinforcement with vertical spacing of 40cm and horizontal spacing of 36cm. Sand with different relative densities was used as backfill and a surcharge for each model wall. The surcharge was applied over the model wall step by step and deformation of the reinforcement was measured under different surcharge load until certain group of reinforcement observed to fully mobilize their frictional resistance. To identify the level of loading at which frictional resistance was fully mobilized, a graph of applied surcharge load versus wall face displacement was plotted and carefully observed the level of loading at which frictional resistance was fully mobilized. This level of loading was taken as ultimate load that the particular reinforcement steel can carry. Based on the observed ultimate load, the coefficient of friction between the backfill soil and reinforcement was determined. It is this coefficient of friction which will be used for the design of actual retaining wall.



Gabion; Facing