Nuclear Resonance Scattering and Mossbauer Effect

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Addis Ababa University


The resonance scattering of a gamma rays constitutes the nuclear analogue to the wellknown optical fluorescence effect .Since then several methods have been developed which led to the observation of resonance scattering or absorption in a number of first excited nuclear states. A major break through took place in 1958 when the phenomenon of recoilless nuclear resonance absorption was discovered . This new absorption effect provided a means for the elimination of the energy losses by recoil , these being the most serious obstacle for the observation of nuclear resonance absorption or scattering .Simultaneously gamma lines of utmost narrowness became available .It is this particular feature which opened wide range of applications for new effect , in such fields as nuclear physics ,solid state physics, and relativity, and made possible investigations which could not even be considered only a few years ago



Nuclear Resonance Scattering