Polymer Translocation through Nanochannel :- a two Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation Study

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Addis Ababa University


In this paper we investigate Monte Carlo(MC) simulation of polymer translocation through a nanochannel. To this end we used the Bond Fluctuation Method (BFM) to study the translocation process of a polymer chain of length N in two dimensions, in the absence of external force on the polymer (i.e. unbiased translocation). To overcome the entropic barrier we consider a polymer, in which the center monomer is initially placed in the middle of the channel and study the escape time needed for the polymer to completely exit the channel on either side of the end. Numerically we nd that the escape time scales with the chain length N as N1+2 , where is the Flory exponent as far as the channel is small enough. And this scaling preferably agree with the translocation time of a polymer which passes through a nanopore in one direction only. In this work, we examine the interplay between the channel length L, width W and other parameters while simulating the translocation process Keywords: Nanochannel, Translocation time, Escape time, DNA sequencing



Keywords: Nanochannel, Translocation time, Escape time, DNA sequencing