Efficiency Improvement through Lean Manufacturing Approach In Lifan Motors in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Now days, lean are increasingly used by automotive industry to increase their efficiency for reducing costs and lead time. The study is limited to assessing the challenge at manufacturing place and improving the efficiency through lean manufacturing principles, tools and techniques in Lifan motor in Ethiopia specifically on selected vehicle 530,. Vehicle 530 was selected for this research because currently it has been assembled more in quantity than the rest of the model. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used in carrying out this research. By using those data the current value stream map was developed with the help of E-draw max7software and analyzed through lean manufacturing tool, techniques and principles. After analyzing the result of the current flow process the most vital wastes were identified. In order to eliminate those wastes across the whole value chin, the future state map were developed and some improvement area was suggested. Results for the study, after the investigation and the analysis of the application of Lean techniques and principles in Lifan motors in Ethiopia, shows that the total production waiting time were reduced by 28%. The proposed solution improves the performance of the Lifan motors in Ethiopia to be able to compete in the market and contribute to countries development. Moreover the thesis's contribute to an empirical study to the area of research under taken on lean manufacturing.



Lifan Motors, Value stream mapping, Automotive, Lean manufacturing