Simultaneous Determination of Ampicillin Sodium and Sulbactam Sodium in Binary Mixtures and Commercial Dosage Forms using Chemometrics Assisted Spectrophotometric Techniques

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Addis Ababa University


The binary mixture of ampicillin sodium and sulbactam sodium is officially analyzed by HPLC but they can not be simultaneously determined by the normal spectrophotometric techniques since their absorption spectra have a strong degree of overlapping. This study applied four Chemometrics-a ssisted spectrophotometric techniques for the simultaneous determination of the two drugs without undergoing any physical separation: derivative spectrophotometry, derivative ratio technique, class ical least square techniques and principal component regression techniques. The derivative spectrophotomet ric t echniques could not be successful since the overlapping absorption spectra of the two drugs could not be resolved from each other by this t echnique. The derivative ratio technique showed a better result since it has separated the two spectra to a better extent. The technique determi ned ampicil lin in t he mixture by using sulbactam sodium as a divisor at 251 nm, 252nm & 253nm. The amount of sulbactam sodium was also determined using ampicillin sodium as a divisor at 205nm, 222nm & 245nm. The CLS and PCR methods were found to be capable of separating and hence determining the two drugs simultaneously better than the oth er t echniques as ca n be seen from the recovery res ults. The recovery results by all techniques were acceptable and very close to the results obtained by the officia l method and t herefore the techn ique can equivalently be used for the simultaneous determination of the studied drugs. Key words: Chemometrics, Spectrophotometry, Ampicillin sodium, Sulbactam sodium.



Chemometrics, Spectrophotometry, Ampicillin sodium, Sulbactam sodium