Assessment of Behavior Factor recommended in EC8 for Reinforced Concrete Planar Frame Using Nonlinear Analysis

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Addis Ababa University


According to current seismic codes the structures are calculated using the capacity design procedure based on the concept of at the shear base depending on several parameters including behavior factor which is consider to be the most important parameter. The behavior factor allows designing the structure when it is at ultimate limit state taking in to account its energy dissipation through its plastic deformation. The aim of the present study is to assess the basic parameters of the behavior factor among of these the reduction factor due to ductility, redundancy and over strength for reinforced concrete frames of different height and bays. Analysis are conducted on these frames using the nonlinear statics pushover analysis method where the effect of some parameters on behavior factor, such as the number of stories, the number of bays and the member section are taken in to account. The results show that the behavior factor is sensitive to the variation of the number of stories and bays. Also, the value of behavior factor recommended by the Euro Code 8 (EC8) is underestimated, mostly for low-rise (storey four) frames.



Behavior factor, ductility factor, over strength factor, redundancy factor, base shear, pushover analysis