Compare and Adapt Project Organization Structure and Key Project Management Practices for Construction of Railway Track, Bridge and Tunnel (A Case Study on Awash – Weldia and Addis Ababa – Djibouti Railway Project)

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Addis Ababa University


There is an extensive effort by Ethiopian government to expand railway infrastructure throughout the nation. To achieve the strategy, the railway projects are contracted to foreign contractors due to lack of experience and knowledge of local contractors in railway construction. Therefore, this research is designed to identify this gap and build a nation capacity in railway construction management. The main objectives of this research are to compare organization structure of Awash – Weldia railway project contractor and Addis Ababa – Djibouti railway project contractor. In addition this, to study project organization structure and assess key project management practices for construction of railway track, bridge and tunnel. This study starts with literature review of relevant documents on project, project management, project organization and optimal project organizational structure. Furthermore, core processes of project management that are planning, execution and controlling processes are discussed in detail. Project management factors, key aspects of project management implementation and value and benefits of project management implementation are also part of literature review. Then, it assess controlling and evaluating method of the construction works. Finally, it gathers data through interview and desk study; and document construction process in railway track, bridge and tunnel. Comparison of organizational structures shows Yapi Merkezi has a higher quality in terms of specialization, hierarchy of authority, professionalism, size, organizational technology, the environment and organization’s culture than china railway group limited. To efficiently organize local railway projects for construction of railway track, bridge and tunnel; ERC or local contractors’ have to be organized in construction and technical office divisions. Under construction division there have to be five construction departments. Regarding key project management practices; method statements, a three week construction plan and request for inspection form are vital for smooth construction process.



Project Organization Structure, Key Project Management Practices