Factors Affecting Utilization of Public Libraries for Adults' Lifelong Learning}n Garno Gofa Zone

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Addis Ababauniversity


public libraries and its challenges in selected woredas of Gamoa Gofa Zone. Based on this related literatures were reviewed. The research design employed was descriptive survey under quantitative and qualitative methods. The main data collection topi was one set of questionnaire for adults who utilize public libraries. In addition, interv? ant:i----/ document analysis were used to support data obtained through the questionpaire. Data were gathered from adults, librarians, woreda educational experts and admitlistrators. In order to select sample areas and sample population purposive, availability and accidental sampling techniques were employed. Non-parametric statistical tools mean and qualitative approaches were used in order to analyze and interpret data. The study revealed that the majority of users were male students whose information needs were basically for academic pUipose. The available resources in the libraries were inadequate and in most cases not suitable in a particular situation. Additionally, the main problems related to the utilization of public libraries were: absence of trained librarians, poor facil ities of libraries, shortage of recent materials, lack of Internet and reprographic material access, lack of willingness of educational experts to support public libraries. Furthermore, it was found out that there were problems related to scarcity of financial support and lack of willingness of adults to read different books that credited to poor utilization of public library services. As the result, the current state of the public libraries in study area isfarfrom what they should be. Improvement is needed in utilization and in increasing the funding, providing recent materials and raising the awareness of public library services to the population. Hence, for the success of public library services, the respective government bodies, community and other concerned stakeholders should accomplish their responsibilities in organized manner to promote adults' lifelong learning in public libraries



Adults' Lifelong Learning}n Garno Gofa Zone