The Roles of Principals, Teachers and Parent-Teacher Union in Maintaining School Discipline in Addis Ababa General Secondary Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to asses the role of principals, teachers and PTU to maintain disciplinary problems in General Secondary Schools of Addis Ababa. In line with the study identify the most prevalent school discipline problems and their utmost causes. Descriptive survey method was employed to achieve the study. Random sampling technique was used to select the sample schools. The subjects were 7 principals, 182 teachers and 14 PTU. The principals and the PTU were selected by purposive sampling technique; while the selections of the teachers were by using quota and random sampling technique. The data gathered were organized by using tables and analyzed and interpreted through quantitative and qualitative methods. The results of the study revealed that 'sleeping in the classroom / getting bored, failing to do assignments, home works and class works, coming to classroom with out securing appropriate learning materials, cheating or attempting to cheat during exams or tests, and failing to give respect for staff members' were identified by the respondents as the most serious disciplinary problems. Regarding sources of students' discipline problems most respondents suggested that inadequate preparation of the lesson by the teachers, poor classroom management, peer pressure, students' economic background and lack of academic success or despondency are some of the most commonly seen sources of students' disciplinary problems at schools. To overcome school problems, principals, teachers and PTU cooperate one another in different activities in schools like school discipline committee, school fund raising committee and evaluation committee. The Participation of PTU in school affairs enables the community to develop a sense of ownership about schools. Finally, for successful school discipline development, the integration of the schools with the community is the determinant factor. To this end PTU are responsible to create a link between the schools and the community in many aspects. The government must also develop the habit of inviting the community to take part in all school affaires.



Roles of Principals, Teachers