Exploring Primary School English Language Teachers’ Perceptions of Continuous Professional Development

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Addis Ababa University


The main aim of this thesis is to explore primary school English language teachers’ perceptions of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the chosen government primary schools /5-8/ of Bole Sub-City in Addis Ababa city Administration. In order to address the objectives of the study descriptive survey method was employed. The study was conducted in 10 government primary schools, and random sampling was used to selecting these schools. The study consists of 63 English language teachers, 10 teachers’ development deputy principals, 6 cluster supervisors and 4 Woreda teachers’ development experts. English teachers were selected through available sampling technique. Purposive sampling method was used to selecting cluster supervisors and Woreda teachers’ development experts. Then, in selecting the teachers’ development vice principals availability sampling technique was employed. Questionnaire was the main data gathering tool while semi structured interview was employed to supplement the data collected through questionnaire. The data collected quantitatively were presented using percentages, standard deviation and means through SPSS Statistics 20 while qualitative data were analyzed through descriptive narration. Based on the analysis and interpretation of data, it was found out that lack of conducive atmosphere; lack of teachers’ commitment; lack of budget and material resources; lack of incentives; lack of efficient support from school leadership and supervisors; lack of emphasis given to CPD implementation; and neglect of trainings were the major constraints that affect the implementation of effective CPD program. Accordingly, the conclusion drawn is CPD guideline has no encouraging effects to develop the professional competence of English language teachers; the relevance of CPD program in primary schools under consideration was low. Finally, to turn out to be relevant and serve to the very purpose of teachers’ professional competence development, schools, WEO, BSCEO, AAEB, and MOE need to work collaboratively so as to give more stress to arouse English teachers’ curiosity and commitment to make them involve vigorously in their CPD.



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