Character Analysis on Representation of Person with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Two Selected Ethiopian Amharic Films

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this paper is to evaluate and analyze the character representation of person with ASD in Ethiopia on two selected Amharic films. The study was conducted based on the data gathered from 6 direct participants of film producers, directors, script writers and actors through interview and direct observation of the two selected films. From the respondents five of them are male and 1 female. Qualitative research method was used to answer the research questions. The study thematically analyzes data obtained from interview and film observation. The result of the study indicated that, selected films characters are portrayed in correspond to the behavioral characters of persons with autism. To this research low awareness of film producers and writers related to autism spectrum disorder, least concern of government officials to autism and affecting their role in the provision of quality films to their and as of many films of Ethiopia, too much more role monopoly by one person are some of the factors affecting films related to autism spectrum disorder. In conclusion, this thesis found out that the two selected Amharic films, ‗Tism‘ and ‗Bandaf‘, have it‘s own strength and limitations in presenting and reflecting an autistic character or traits. The study indicated that these strength and limitations have evolved from lack of adequate knowledge about autism spectrum disorder, and misperception about person with autism. To minimize these limitations and improve the making of qualitatively sound films, some solutions are recommended in this thesis. Key words: autism spectrum disorder / Asperger syndrome, character representation, selected Amharic films.



autism spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome, character representation, Amharic films