An Assessment on the Practice and Problems of Training Materials in Addis Ababa Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges

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Addis Ababa Universty


The purpose of this thesis was to assess the practices and problems of Training Materials and facilities management in selected TVET colleges of Addis Ababa more specifically, the study was intended to improve the training and identify the potential constraints and the drawbacks encountered. To this end the study employed descriptive survey research method. Accordingly, questionnaire, interview guide and observational checklist were prepared, pilot-tested and administered to 196 sample respondents consisting of 94 trainers, 93 trainees, 3 deputy deans and 6 administrative staff A total of 187 (95.4% percent) filled and returned the questionnaire. In addition, interview was conducted with nine of them. Moreover, document analysis was used to supplement the data gathered through questionnaire and interview. Finally, the data gathered were analyzed using percentage, chi-square T-test as well as qualitative analysis. Finding from the data analysis revealed that significant majority of the trainers and trainees did not have any information about training materials and facilities management and availability of training materials management guideline. Furthermore, the data suggested that the machines were under utilized and were most of the time idle due to lack of skilled person in maintenance. In addition most of the trainers' knowledge and experience is related to theoretical part. Furthermore, the result indicated that training materials and facilities such as training hand tools, machines, teaching aids and reference books were inadequate. To alleviate the problems the following measures should be taken. Such as raising the awareness of the trainers and trainees, providing short term training to trainers in the area of training materials and facilities management and establishing partnership with donor organizations and improving the supply of training materials facilities to assist the smooth effective delivery of training and its best outcomes.